Hall of Fame



English Pointer

Owner: Ed Holland

 What can you say about Cash, other than he is a dog of a lifetime!  They say every sportsman has the privilege of owning one great bird dog, in my case it is certainly Cash.  I bought him as an eight week old pup early on in my field trial career.  I really did not realize how good a dog that I had until he started racking up First Place finishes on any circuit that I was competing.  He has placements in all five circuits that he competed in, but he really made a name for himself in BHU.  Over the course of a few years, he became a six time Open Pointing Champion with 120 Champion points.  No other dog at this point has come close to his accomplishments, although there a few dogs now in BHU that might surpass him.  Unfortunately Cash died at an early age of nine and I lost the best bird dog that I have ever owned.  I miss you Cash! 

Danny's Copper Penny HOF


English Pointer 

Owner: Dan Park

 Penny was our first trial dog. She was an all around amazing bird dog. She could Field trial, wild bird hunt and could swim like crazy. She had a talent to always find birds. 



 English Pointer 

Owner: Dan Dismang 

 Gus was a direct son of Elhew Jefferson and true to his breeding was my first great competition dog. He had many wins and produced other great dogs. 

Lucas Hudson


Lucas not only showed his love for dogs but also his passion for helping structure good rules, fun events, and most importantly, helping the youth! Lucas was very influential in making BHU what it has become.

Hall of Fame Criteria



Bird Dog Hall Of Fame

The following criteria has been established for qualifying a dog for the BHU “Hall Of Fame”. 

All currently competing dogs will be considered for the “Hall Of Fame” based on the 100 point criteria set forth below:

1 point for every 10 CH points

5 points for each SC, PFAC, and PFC.

10 points for each AC and FC.

15 points for each AHH and OHH.

20 points for each NAC.

25 points for each NFC.

No dog will be eligible for induction into the “Hall Of Fame”, regardless of the dog’s point totals, until the dog is officially retired from competition in all upland field trial organizations.

Bird Hunters United also reserves the right, at their digression, to induct certain past “champion foundation dogs”. These are dogs that have passed away or are no longer engaged in competition in BHU or any other field trial organization. These dogs may be those that competed in BHU prior to the creation of State Championships. It may also include dogs that for whatever reason were not allowed to participate in the Amateur Division because of their status in other field trial organizations prior to participating in BHU events. These will be dogs, in the opinion of BHU, that competed at the highest levels, winning multiple championships and/or national titles that were available to them during the time the dogs were active.